Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General FAQs:

Q: Can I actually choose a different energy supplier than my utility company?
The deregulation of the utility industry means that your utility company is required, by law, to allow you to purchase energy from any supplier. Your utility company will still transport that energy to your meter.

Q: Why would I choose another energy supplier?
It's cheaper. By purchasing the energy you need from a competing supplier, you can buy at a lower rate. The combined cost of buying your energy from an alternative supplier and paying the utility company to transport the energy to your meter can be substantially less than buying the energy directly from your utility company at “Retail Rates”.

Q: Will I notice a change in my service?
Your service will not change. You will continue receiving the reliable, dependable service to which you are accustomed. The utility company will continue to read your meter, deliver natural gas and/or electricity to your business, handle all emergencies, and maintain the safety of the underground pipelines and electrical wires.

Q: Who do I call in an emergency?
In an emergency call your utility company immediately.

Solar Energy FAQs:

Q: There are multiple solar companies to choose from. How can I choose the right one for me?
Unlike the salesman who represents one solar installer, Energy Solutions USA works with many solar manufacturers and installers to provide you with the greatest number of options. With Energy Solutions USA, you have a single contact to guide you through the entire process, saving you time and frustration, and probably saving you money.

Q: Are there any rebates and incentives available for solar?
Energy Solutions USA will assist you with obtaining rebates and/or incentives available from the state and federal government. In some instances, you can realize solar savings from day one after installation.

For the property owner, we can answer many of the following questions:

  • With so many manufacturers of PV panels now, how can I decide which PV panels are the most efficient, weather-resistant and the best overall value?
  • Is my commercial property well-suited to PV installation?
  • How long does it take for PV panels to pay for themselves?
  • Would purchasing panels or working through a power purchase agreement provide the best returns on a solar investment?

For more information about getting the best energy resources for your company, or to schedule your personalized appointment with us, call Energy Solutions USA at 888-322-8755.