Client Referrals & Testimonials

Holiday Inn Elmira-Riverview:

Dear Energy Solutions USA,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for helping us manage our energy costs for the past eleven years. When you first approached us about Energy Solutions USA, Ines management program, we were skeptical. As a hotel, a stable, reliable energy supply is essential to the operation of our business. We were concerned about maintaining the same level of service that our local utility provided. After reviewing our needs, your team provided us with an energy management program that was cost-effective and reliable. Since Energy Solutions USA, Inc. became our energy manager we have been very pleased with the service provided and look forward to a continued relationship in the years to come.

Yours Truly,
Angelo Fusco,
President Holiday Inn Elmira-Riverview
H&J Hospitality:                                        

I am the owner of H&J Hospitality in Ithaca and I have been a customer
of Energy Solutions since 2008. I have used Energy Solutions at multiple
commercial properties and saved thousands of dollars in utility costs.

When I first converted a large restaurant property in Ithaca my utility bills went from $75,000/year to $35,000 per year and that savings has held over all these years. I highly recommend Henry and his team as they are very knowledgeable and always inform me of new ways to reduce energy costs.

Jamie Ciaschi
DCG Development:

DCG Development is a full-service commercial real estate
developer and mall operator. When we were first approached
by Energy Solutions about saving money on our utilities we
weren't too excited. Utilities weren't necessarily one of our
priorities or favorite subjects. We wondered if the savings would be worthwhile and were skeptical. With over 175 meters, we were also concerned that we would incur new administrative costs.
Energy Solution's painless, seamless management program has been cost-effective and reliable. We value our relationship with Energy Solutions and saving all that money has been great for our bottom line!
Thank you Energy Solutions and we look forward to a continued relationship for years to come.

Rick Kauffman, Staff Accountant
DCG Development
Heritage Manor of Lockport:

Dear Energy Solutions USA:

Thank you for meeting with me last week to review my account and the latest services available to the clients of your program.

As always, I remained impressed with your knowledge of energy services and how it relates to the needs of companies both large and small. I am very concerned about my energy consumption and take great comfort in knowing that I can count on your objective advice. Being a free standing organization it can be challenging for me to examine a complex issue such as energy utilization and pricing. The services you and Energy Solutions USA, Inc provide have been invaluable.

I whole heartedly recommend your services to my colleagues in the health care industry. Like me, I am sure they will enjoy working with you and be appreciative of the cost savings you offer. Should any of your prospective clients have any questions or concerns please encourage them to contact me.

Louis J. Stich Administrator
Heritage Manor of Lockport
New York School of Urban Ministry:

To whom it may concern:

It is my pleasure to provide you with a letter of recommendation for Energy Solutions USA.

Our recent lighting retrofit project was only made possible by the proficient and professional manner from Energy Solutions. Simply stated, they held our hand through the entire process. Also, this lighting retrofit with save our ministry thousands of dollars we would have paid to the utility companies but can now use for our ministry purposes.

Our ministry is a client of Energy Solutions USA for over the past 10 years and we look forward to many more years working together.

Henry along with his wonderful staff are people of high integrity and very professional in providing the best possible energy solutions in our current economic challenges. Therefore, if you are thinking about a lighting retrofit, I highly recommend Energy Solutions as the company to make this happen. You won't be disappointed!

Yours Truly,
Peter M. DeArruda, Executive Vice President
New York School of Urban Ministry
OfficeMax, Inc.:

Energy Solutions USA, Inc. (ESUI) has been a valued
supplier to OfficeMax Incorporated for a number of years, acting as both a broker for natural gas and electricity as well as a trusted advisor with valuable insight into the worlds of both natural gas and electricity. We have many locations, across many states and utilities and ESUI has been instrumental in the pricing plans that meet our need based on market condition changes and site management. The service that ESUI has provided to our organization has included:

-Negotiating special language in our contracts to meet our internal requirements

-Providing supplier solutions to all of our facilities independent of individual size or usage patterns

-Working with multiple utilities across multiple states, each with different requirements, to make sure our supplier choices are acted on as seamlessly as possible, many times transparent to me

-Timely assistance in resolving any billing issues that might arise

-Pricing unique alternative energy programs for us while providing best recommendations based upon market knowledge and movement

ESUI's service augments and assists me in the responsibilities that I have which is why I use them as a resource. Energy Solutions USA Inc. has served us well and I am grateful for the personal attention that my organization and I receive.

Gary Ernst Manager, Strategic Sourcing
OfficeMax, Inc.
Evans Roofing Company, Inc:

As I said on the phone, you were right and I was wrong! Got the first bill with xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxx on it and, boy, did they sell me a bill of goods! Nothing they promised was actually delivered. Therefore, please switch us back as soon as you can to the US Energy Partners plan that we were on previously. I authorize you to do that for both Evans Roofing Company, Inc. and HEIA, LLC. Thanks again for working with me on this and trying to save me from myself!

Michael P. Spinosa, Chief Financial Officer
Evans Roofing Company, Inc.