Who is Energy Solutions USA?

Our History

After twenty-five years of experience in the energy industry, Henry Fuksman founded Energy Solutions USA with the goal of helping businesses realize significant savings on the energy consumption. He understood that the deregulation of energy in New York State, and across the country, presented a tremendous opportunity to provide customized and cost-effective energy packages to individual consumers who might not otherwise be aware that they had alternative procurement options.

Fast forward to present day, Energy Solutions USA has grown into an independent energy management company serving businesses of all sizes. Energy Solutions USA has built and continues to maintain strategic relationships; guaranteeing our clients competitive energy pricing, personalized service, and the best energy products for their businesses.

Our Mission

At Energy Solutions USA our mission is to help you manage your energy costs by offering competitive energy prices, cost-effective facility improvements. Our team will bring together the best energy services and administer a comprehensive energy and utility management program that will help you focus on your business. Our mission at Energy Solutions USA can be described as follows:

  • Simple
    We take the guess work out of your energy options and provide you a simple plan that saves you time and money.
  • Solid
    We have 35 years of experience that guarantees we are bringing you the best energy products for your business.
  • Savings
    We guarantee you seamless, customized service resulting in real savings that go directly to your bottom line.

Our Philosophy

Simplifying Your Choices

At Energy Solutions USA, our number one goal is to keep you informed of your energy options and help you make the right choices for your business as the energy industry evolves. The Energy Solutions USA energy team will determine how you can take full advantage of the opportunities deregulated energy presents and assist you with the complicated issues evolving around carbon emission reduction, energy efficiency, and renewable energy.

Our Team

Regardless of the size or complexity of your organization our independent, experienced, industry team of energy managers will help you effectively meet your financial goals.

For more information about getting the best energy resources for your company, or to schedule your personalized appointment with us, call Energy Solutions USA at 888-322-8755.